Danger Dolan:From warm milk making you sleepy to the reasons bananas turn brown, we answer 10 of your most burning questions about food.

Shima Luan: Hello there, my name is Shima, and I'll be reading out the questions and answers.

Danger Dolan: I'm Danger Dolan and I'm here to blow your mind with truth!

Shima Luan:What is jelly made of?

Dolan: Children who don't clean their rooms when asked to by their mum and dad are put in a blender along with little rose petals and grinded up into a jelly that good boys and girls can eat on warm days.

Shima: It's got a bit of water in it, a bit of colouring and this weird bendy thing called collagen that we actually get from inside cows and pigs - we even have this inside our own bodies, it's what makes our muscles so bendy.

Dolan: Cats wipe goo off the goo from their tongues, mix it in a bowl with cordial and then put it in the fridge when you're not looking - we don't really know why they do this, but we think it might be revenge because we don't let them wear clothes.

Shima Luan:What's the difference between a vegetable and a fruit?

Danger Dolan:Vegetables are just leaves and grass that adults have laced with tiny drops of poison and make you eat to punish you for doing that bad thing you didn't tell them about. Fruit is just awful candy that nobody wants to eat.