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DoopieDoOver or more simply known as Doopie is a co-host on Super Planet Dolan. She is a blonde human girl who usually wears a white bow in her hair and a white shirt and a black skirt with flowers or a light pink shirt with a white skirt, her outfits change more than anyone else's on the show. She is usually very cheerful.

In the video "Do Conjoined Twins Have To Buy Separate Movie Tickets? " we are told that Doopie came from the earth and is stuck on Planet Dolan. Recently in the new video "The End of Doopie - SPD Episode 1 " We are shown she misses the earth, her home and boyfriend (Jess) due to this she makes a plan to leave the planet. This has caused some of the fanbase to worry thinking that Doopie is planning on leaving the channel, however, this is not the case.

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