"I'm Hellbent. I'm here to learn you uncomfortably true facts that I didn't just make up." -Hellbent, introducing himself for the first time as co-host on Super Planet Dolan

Hellbent is a character on Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan.

In his fanbase and on his channel, he does a weekly live stream every Saturday night at 9 PM (CST), and also many random streams. A list of his live stream chat mods can be found here.



Hellbent appears to be a magenta-red demon with black hair in a pompadour with gold colored eyes. Other features include pointy ears, horns, thick eyebrows, fangs, and a tail with a triangle at the end.


Hellbent wears a black, formal jacket, and a dull dark purple shirt underneath. For pants, he wears black pants and dark gray shoes.


  • Hellbent was first featured in the episode of Dolan Life Mysteries, 'What Are Shadow Creatures.'
  • Hellbent is the first character to be featured in his own animated music video, next to Melissa in The Bread God.
  • On October 23, 2016, Hellbent hit 100k subscribers on his youtube channel.

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