"Pfft, only nooblets breathe air – are you a NOOBLET?" -Danger Dolan
Is It Possible To Drink TOO Much Water? | Dolan Life Mysteries is the 7th video and 5th episode on the Super Planet Dolan channel. It features Danger Dolan and Shima Luan. The description reads, "From why you have a belly button to where hiccups come from, we answer 10 of your most burning questions about the human body." It features 10 questions.

The script can be found here and the video can be watched here.

Featured Questions

  • Why do I have a belly button?
  • Where does blood come from?
  • What's a "Funny Bone"?
  • What are "butterflies in your stomach"?
  • What causes hiccups?
  • Why do people need sleep?
  • Why do we need to breathe air to live?
  • Why do I get a headache when I eat ice cream too quickly?
  • If you are colour-blind, does that mean you see things in black and white?
  • Is it ever possible to drink too much water?