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"I'm Nixxiom, Danger Dolan asked me to read out some things that aren't true, but it's supposed to be convincing, he told me not to tell you, but I feel you should understand what you're in for."-Nixxiom, introducing himself for the first time on Super Planet Dolan
Nixxiom is a character in Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan.

Nixxiom is a Night Elf Death Knight from the game World of Warcraft, his appearance is as follows:

Hair: He has long white hair with green on the tips.

Clothes: He wears a set of armor and a hood that he takes off sometimes.

Face: He has white souless eyes and bushy eyebrows. He also has a long strate nose. He has big pointy ears thet stick out his hood.

He has a deep voice that sometimes echoes at the end of episodes, mimicking the voice of the Death Knights that he is modeled after. Sometimes in the Dolan True Stories series, stories involving him as an actor will also have other references to the World of Warcraft games.