"Hello there. My name is Shima and I'll be reading out the questions and answers." -Shima Luan

Shima Luan is an American YouTuber who voices for Planet Dolan and Super Planet Dolan. She reads questions & answers from fans on Super Planet Dolan. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads bloopers, speed drawings & more.


On some occasions she also appears in Hellbent's Saturday Night Streams, along with various other guests. Currently she is on hiatus because she is having unknown problems, so she will not appear in newer videos or be able to join in any live streams, though it is confirmed by Dolan that she is not in any immediate danger. On August 9, 2016 she hit 100k subs on her Youtube channel.



Shima is a pink, anthropomorphic cat, with normal features for a human her age. She has normal cat features with the exception of no whiskers. Her eye color is mint.


Shima wears a peach, knee-length dress with a black stripe around the middle. For shoes, she wears hiking boots with white fluff at the top.


  • Shima is a main character for Dolan Life Mysteries.

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