The Bread God | Melissa Animated Music (RTX 2016) is the 49th video and the 14th music video on the Super Planet Dolan channel. It features Melissa Morgan as the starring character, with music and lyrics by Druoxtheshredder The description reads "Giver of the breaded rain, deliverer of the light brown deliciousness – all hail the Bread God!"

The video can be watched here


There's a story of a maiden that everybody knows, Passed down for generations from the mallards to the crows, The story of the Bread God, and this is how it goes: She sits upon her throne, brown bag packed to the brim, She feeds entire nations with the contents held within, She feeds the under-trodden, and cleanses us of sin.

She's there when we need her, no matter how cold. Her patience and smile: divine. She feeds every birdie, no matter how old. Our gratitude lives for all time!

Out in the park, the water fowl hark, Glory to the Bread God! We quack to the heavens, our goddess we laud : Glory to: The Bread God!

But one day we were waiting to see the breaded rain. We waited there for hours, but emptiness remained. We gave in to our hunger, and it drove us all insane. We began attacking humans, we tried to get their bread. We pecked at Randy Newman, at his knees, and feet, and head. When suddenly, we saw her, and this is what she said: Dastardly creatures, you've all lost your minds! You've turned on me and all my friends. I'll never forgive all your violent crimes, I'LL NEVER FEED YOU AGAIN!

Now the Bread God is gone, we're alone on the lawn, And we know that without her we'll starve. So we take to the skies, to the south we will fly Migration to a new life we'll carve! We will peck at your head. We will steal all your bread, Foresaken we've nothing to lose. If we will not be fed, we will take it instead, this is the path that we cho~ose.

Look to the sky, where the water fowl fly, Stand and deliver your bread! We quack to the heavens, our goddess we moum: Glory to: The Bread God!