"There is an island in our world that houses a giant alternate reality bubble where nothing makes sense, and we call this place, England" -Danger Dolan
What ARE Golf Ball Dimples? | Dolan Life Mysteries is the 10th video and 7th episode on the Super Planet Dolan channel. It features Danger Dolan and Shima Luan. The description reads, "From why golf balls have dimples to if a football is really made of pigskin, we answer 10 of your most burning questions about sports." It features 10 questions.

The script can be found here and the video can be watched here.

Featured Questions

  • When was the yo-yo invented?
  • Why are there dimples on a golf ball?
  • Why is the sport of football also called soccer?
  • What is the sweet spot of a baseball bat?
  • Who invented baseball?
  • Who invented the Frisbee?
  • When was American football invented?
  • What is a basketball made of?
  • What is a football made out of? Are they really made of pigskins?
  • What do the Olympic rings mean?