"You can't purr when you're blinding me" -Danger Dolan
What If Every Tree In The World Disappeared? | Dolan Life Mysteries ft. DD's Bro is the 38th video and 24th episode on the Super Planet Dolan channel. It features Danger Dolan and Dolan's Mysterious Brother as a guest. The description reads, "From water expiring to delays that might be in mirrors, we answer some of your most burning questions about life." It features 10 questions.

The script can be found here and the video can be watched here.

Featured Questions

  • Why is The Leaning Tower of Pisa leaning?
  • What would happen if the Moon fell onto Earth?
  • Can water expire?
  • Why do we have "unique" fingerprints?
  • Is anything bigger than the Universe?
  • Are there delays in mirrors?
  • Why is water blue?
  • What if every tree disappeared?
  • What causes love or hatred?
  • Can you have too much oxygen inside you?



  • This is the first video to feature siblings and symbolize how they are different.