"Do you know how hard it is to write scripts and animate on a rock? It's very hard. Get it?" -Danger Dolan What If The Earth And Sun Switched Places? | Dolan Life Mysteries is the 42nd video and 28th episode on the Super Planet Dolan channel. It features Danger Dolan and Shima Luan. The description reads, "From why fish go belly up upon death, to why the moon appears during daytime, we answer some of your most burning questions about life." It features 10 questions.

Featured Questions

  • Why do we talk in our sleep?
  • Can babies understand eachother?
  • How much oil is left on earth?
  • Why do fish go belly up when they die?
  • Will we ever run out of air?
  • Why are ghosts invisible?
  • What would happen if the earth and sun switched places?
  • How do CD's work?
  • Why can I see the moon when it is daylight?
  • What makes rainbows colorful?