"There is none, what you're asking right now is actually a paradox, but don't worry everyone is an oxymoron every time a bit, you just need to Zeno your thinking and it will make sense once upon a time, but, only in the bedrooooom." -Danger Dolan
What is the Opposite of Opposite? | Dolan Life Mysteries is the 22nd video and 13th episode on the Super Planet Dolan channel. It features Danger Dolan and Shima Luan. The description reads, "From the myths of dragons to what the opposite of opposite is, we answer 10 of your burning questions about life." It features 10 questions.

The script can be found here and the video can be watched here.

Featured Questions

  • Why do guys have nipples?
  • Why does your heart beat faster when you run?
  • Why does water put out fire?
  • Where did the myth of dragons come from?
  • Why is the sky blue when space is dark?
  • How did we name the days of the week?
  • Why does our Sun rotate if it does not have an orbit?
  • What is the opposite of opposite?
  • How do your legs fall asleep?
  • Are there different solar-systems?



  • This is the first Dolan Life Mystery video animated by GhostToast.
  • This is the first Dolan Life Mystery video published in 2016.